Introduction to First Republic Registrar 

First Republic Registrar foundation (FRRf) was created and enacted on 12th December 2013 by way of a common Law fidelity ceremony and contract marriage (not to be confused with a legal marriage contract). This enactment places the FRRf a cut above any legally or legislatively established entity/foundation/trust, and the remits of its functions are sanctioned by the Sovereign ICJ (International Court of Justice) and Sovereign ICC (International Criminal Court). FRRf is therefore one of the official registrars of the Sovereign ICJ-ICC; the department that deals with Global Banking Redemption.

The jurisdictions of FRRf include the 19 Regulatory Authorities under the ICJ/ICC and we are governed by international commercial law, UCc (Uniform Commercial code) and the provisions of the foundation’s DcLPTC (Declaration of a common Law Pure Trust Contract). 

Notarial Services

The Office of the Recorder and Proto-Notary states: All documentation that bear the official stamp and seal of FRRf or Sovereign ICJ-ICC Notary Public is to be accepted by all jurisdictions around the world and deemed as authenticated.

The Notary’s main function is to bear witness to the signatories of all types of certificates, allodial titles, contracts, treaties, letters of credit, agreements, etc. When these documents are witnessed by the Notary’s signature, official Sovereign ICJ-ICC stamp and seal, they are deemed officiated, valuated and authenticated by the highest authority in the world today and for centuries to come.

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Our Notary Office works in accord with the common Law of Nations, Jus gentium, and the Laws of Nature and is charged with the Sacred Deed of Recordation of Life Events and Actions that Invoke Peace: Growth, Order, Reciprocation and Balance.

Sovereign Underwriter

Historical archives indicate that the very first enactment of this type of Pure Trust foundation, was with King Henry II and the Bauer family of the 1200s. This fidelity ceremony of a contract marriage established The Bauer foundation (TBf), which enabled the King, as an Official Certified Sovereign Underwriter, to issue Allodial Titles to Property as well as titles of nobility to individuals; in other words Sovereignty Certificates. This is the modus operandi of FRRf, in addition to other provisions.

Whilst birth registration of men and women are considered the norm, it is even more pertinent that every living person must hold a properly enacted certificate of sovereignty. Read more here.


Nine Consultancy Ltd, UK Registration No. 1194823, is one of FRRf’s public trading partners. Nine Consultancy is set up to provide consultation, support and funding for humanitarian projects in the areas of food, energy, water, shelter; social enterprise, education, community development, health, renewable energy, infrastructure, geopolitical endeavours, research and development; primary banking.

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FRRf Antrustiones

Registrar Liaison:

  • Trust Creator/Feasibility Report Officer: H.E. Lord Christopher-George: Buckley
  • Trust Exchangor/Grantor/Proto-Notary General/Certified Sovereign Underwriter: H.E. HRH Lord Sir Paul-Anthony: Simons
  • First Trustee/Registrar General: H.E. Lord Belton-Henry-Tyron: Bass
  • Managing Director/Notary Public: H.E. Lord Kwadjo: Amponsem
  • Managing Director/Assistant Registrar: H.E. Lord Malcolm-Byron: Bailey
  • Managing Director/Assistant Registrar: Lady Chevon: Whyte
  • Managing Director/Administrator: Sir Mark: Porter

Banking Liaison:

  • Second Trustee/Head of SMC and Global Primary-Banking: H.E. HRH Lord Sir Gahn: Miller
  • Managing Director/Global Banking Liaison: Lord Michael-Jarvis: Sandy
  • Managing Director/Global Banking Liaison: H.E. HRH Lord Sir Robert-Orville-Winston: Thomas-Regester
  • Managing Director/Global Banking Liaison: H.E. HRH Lord Jason: Gordon 
  • Managing Director/Global Banking Liaison/Notary Public: Lord Sir Radhakrishna: Murugan
  • Managing Director/Global Banking Liaison: Lady Edyln-Esther-Sharron: Leon
  • Managing Director/Assistant Banking Liaison: Lady Kella: Harris
  • Managing Director/Assistant Banking Liaison: Lady Seven
  • Managing Director/Assistant Banking Liaison: Lady Lisa-Dawn: Tanner

International Liaison (location profiles)

  • Third Trustee/International Communication Liaison: Lady De-Ann: De Chausay
  • Managing Director/Spanish/Spain Liaison: Lord Rafael: Segador-Castaños
  • Managing Director/Canadian Liaison: Lord Sir Shawn-David-Christian: Small
  • Managing Director/African Continent Liaison: H.E. Lady Jazeline-Afia: Boateng
  • Managing Director/Caribbean and West Indies Liaison: Duke Lawrence-Olivier: Campbell



The impetus behind SMc (Sovereign Money creation) is simple in its presentation. The misconstrued complexity is the lack of familiarity some individuals have within the present [Secondary] market/banking practice. However, our Primary-Banking process method is old but sometimes atavistic (a resurrection mind-set) or Private. Its origin comes from the beginnings of banking having been created provisionally from a Bauer-Rothschild (note* not to be confused specifically with Rothschild being completely different) trust foundation. In fact, the Primary (not prime banks) aspect of banking is the only one with the alleged Secondary being a complete misinterpretation; misrepresented by statutory rulings and banking codes. We (the Banking Antrustiones of FRRf) are in a re-education process to explain and resurrect a method of the original and Primary functions of money creation. With that said, we are also aligned with the future of global money, as per our Digital Currency partners; the UDCRF and the digitalReserve.

Disclaimer: Please understand that while SMc as described above is perfectly legit in primary banking principles, as a practical application we do not recommend it. Because, as simple as it may sound, there are a number of variables to consider (not to mention trsutworthuness among bankers). So, unless you are an actual banker and/or have a comprehensive background of knowledge and experience, SMc may turn out to be a very long winded set of trials and errors leading no where. You will also need to have in place real and legitimate sender and reveiver accounts, which is not the easiest thing to accomplish.

FRRf Preamble

Declaration of a common Law Pure Trust Contract (DcLPTC)

(a) It must be known unto all peoples that the contract hereof is their mandate. When an individual awakes each day and sees another, they must know sight recognition is an unsigned contract. The Pure Trust certificate (PTc) manifests the nature of that recognition when one makes their mark as the “signature”. The recognition is now documented, by contract.  

(b) Once sealing the contract with signatures of two people, the dualism displays manifestation (demonstrates the meeting of two minds) and takes away unilateralness of which the latter will ensure problems in a monetary culture. When man insists upon money, he must have the PTc. When he does not use money, the PTc remains as of its necessary onomasticon. The Allodial Titles must be common Law recorded. Otherwise, no one knows his landlord and ensures war. Additionally, sovereignty must always be document-certified giving the birthright back unto the people, by contract. When this is done, benefits and privileges provided by any government, including the use of licences, are legal.

(c) Thus, the contract hereof ensures peace as of its order. “Order” is sought and accomplished in the PTc and the annexed DcLPTC.

DcLPTC Preamble by Sri Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes
The Bauer foundation (TBf)

Other provisions of the DcLPTC include:

  • Asset Protection for sovereign individuals as well as legal entities
  • Appointment of banking and government officials to carry out specific duties on behalf of certified sovereigns
  • Issue letters of credit (via MT-103 and/or MT-760 communications)
  • Creation of Asset-Backed Digital Currencies
  • Creation of Allodial Titles to corpus (natural body), land, property and private conveyances (vehicles).

FRRf is universally domiciled, although the founders will ultimately have global offices. FRRf does not confer any management control, powers, and/or privileges over the land and/or assets recorded on its books. The present international law adopted by the trust foundation, is the Uniform Commercial code (UCc) that has superseded all national and international law since the 1930 Geneva Convention and subordinate unto the FRRf provisions. UCc is good common law even when the commercial STATEs of international economics is insolvent. Therefore, the UCc in §1-308 and also the jurisdiction of the Sovereign ICJ and ICC protects FRRf.

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