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To clarify our slogan: “working with and not against” (ref: Sri Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes; The Bauer foundation (TBf)) simply explains that FRRf works peacefully with all good sovereign governments and peoples worldwide. We take the simple stance of working with everyone for progress. Albeit we are all aware of unconscionable financial greed, we are not trying to identify the culprits. Instead, we focus our attention on our inherent birthright to sovereignty and the phenomenal progress that we can collectively achieve.

Collaborating with the Sovereign International Court of Justice (SICJ) and the Sovereign International Criminal Court (SICC) by Memorandum of Agreement on 27th July 2017, the main objective of FRRf is to provide an international platform for all good governments, organisations and peoples to file and record good title to their corpus (natural body), landed property, and to private conveyances. This is known as Allodial Title. Our allodial titles are governed, as all contracts are, by the Uniform Commercial code (UCc).

We are Universally Domiciled and have Assisted People all Across the World.

At FRRf we are working toward achieving a Golden Age worldwide society.

FRRf Jurisdiction

The UCc has been the ruling International Law since the 1930 Geneva Convention, when the international community declared bankruptcy. All laws outside and prior to the UCc have been suspended from that point in time, although the UCc was not published publicly until 1952.

Consequently, and of great importance, the private and international jurisdiction and trust provision articles of FRRf, a common Law Pure Trust (cLPT), are recognized and upheld by the Sovereign ICJ-ICC along with 19 regulatory authorities (ICJ-ICC.org/Official-Departments). 

Under UCc 1 bankruptcy Articles, any bankrupted entity (entire et al international community and its chattels, i.e., governments, banks, businesses, non-sovereigns, etc.) are having no authority to operate or act against an ordained and/or certified sovereign. Hence, the sovereigns controlling the present allodial titles are viable enacted document certified sovereigns having UCc wielding power under the FRRf cLPT provisions.



The Birthright Kingdom and Jurisdiction of Your Soul Reigning in the Body.

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